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All EcoBiotics seminars are produced in Portland, Oregon. For groups of 6 or more, arrangements can be made to offer an event at your site.

Classes in Potland are limited to 6 participants to allow for ample hands-on time and extensive individual attention. All seminars are structured as four-day intensives, from Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon.

Our seminars use research grade darkfield microscopes to explore the body's internal ecological systems

Level 1


Darkfield Biology:
An Introduction to EcoBiotics and DIAD Microscopy

The Level 1 seminar presents the theory of EcoBiotics - a modern, rational foundation for Biological Medicine - and introduces DIAD Microscopy as a way to explore the body's interior ecological terrain. DIAD, which stands for Differential Isopathic Assessment in Darkfield, is an advanced discipline of darkfield analysis that brings live blood observation in the 21st Century.

Practitioners with previous darkfield experience often ask if they should skip Level 1. The answer is a definite "no." DIAD is built on a radically different theoretical framework than the traditional, 1920s darkfield analysis taught elsewhere and offers a far more advanced understanding than any other approach. Even experienced practitioners who have taken the course agree that this is the necessary place to start.

October 13-16, 2016 in Portland, Oregon

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Level 2


Clinical EcoBiotics:
The Practical Application of Darkfield Biology

The Level 2 EcoBiotics seminar focuses on improving the ease and accuracy of DIAD analysis and explores how to translate specific patterns of DIAD observations into detailed clinical strategies.

In Level 2, we also review the key elements of EcoBiotic theory and discuss the integration of isopathic and biological therapy with other clinical modalities.

Level 3


DIAD Practicum:
Cases and Considerations in Darkfield Biology

The Level 3 seminar is intended for practitioners who have been using DIAD Microscopy and EcoBiotic principles in practice and want to share cases, discuss therapeutic results, and move their work in biological medicine to a higher level. This seminar is offered based on interest from practitioners working with DIAD.

For seminars conducted in Portland, tuition is $1,395 including all materials and supplies. Tuition for off-site events is based on group size and the cost and complexity of travel and equipment transport.

Hours for each seminar are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily except for the final day which ends at 3 p.m. to faciliate travel.

Participants who purchase and pay for a complete DIAD PleoScope System may attend a Level 1 workshop at no cost. Those who purchase a PleoScope system within 10 days of completing a seminar will receive a discount credited to their purchase. Click here to download a DIAD PleoScope flyer and price list.

Space permitting, any given level can be repeated for a 50% tuition discount.

Other seminars topics, including advanced manual therapies, bioenergetic theory and clinical practice and QEB, a biophysical model of human consciousness, are available. Please inquire.


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