Who is Stuart Greene?

Stuart Greene is an independent biophysicist, educator and researcher. Stuart travels extensively to teach the principles of EcoBiotics™, DIAD Microscopy™, Conscious Touch™, and the Quantum EcoBiotics™: The Biophysics of Energetic Medicine. He can be reached by by email at EcoBiotics Online:

In addition, Stuart serves as Chief Scientist and Director of Research and Development for Immunecology, Ltd., a company devoted to creating exceptional food-based nutritional products and protocols for metabolic health, immune system enhancement, optimal sports performance and training and healthy aging.

About Stuart Greene

Since childhood, Stuart has been driven to seek answers to the big questions: What is consciousness? Why does the universe exist and how does it work? What is life, in its most fundamental sense? Is there a soul separate from the body - or is the body inextricably linked to all capacity for awareness?

Originally trained in astrophysics and cosmology, Stuart eventually sought different sorts of answers, living for a time in a Zen Buddhist community and immersing himself in experiential practices to explore the domain of consciousness.

Faced with his own serious health challenges, Stuart began to develop a theory of Microbial EcoBiotics in the early 1990s. After studying the work of great 19th and early 20th Century biologists including Antoine Béchamp and Gunther Enderlein, he was stuck with the power and beauty of their work but conscious of the fact that their theories seemed impossibly naive in the face of modern cellular, evolutionary and genetic biology. The attempt to reconcile their profound insights and clinical methods with contemporary science led to the remarkable ideas behind EcoBiotics.

Applying EcoBiotics to the conventional practice of darkfield live blood investigation demanded a deeper way to dynamically probe the body's internal ecological relationships. Thousands of experiements with hundreds of subjects - from healthy, conditioned athletes to people suffering from chronic and even terminal illnesses provided the information needed to create a new discipline Stuart named "Differential Isopathic Assessment in Darkfield™" or "DIAD Microscopy™" for short. DIAD Microscopy has been used as a tool for precisely mapping subtle, effective biological therapy for thousands of people over the past decade.

Several years ago, Stuart realized that the same principles that define subtle microbial relationships in the body extend down to the level of quantum-state, sub-atomic relationships. This key insight, explored in detail, led to the development of Quantum EcoBiotics™ or QEB, providing an intellectually rigorous biophysical model of consciousness. Using QEB, it's possible to understand how the essentially infinite field of consciousness described by the world great religious and spiritual traditions work within the apparently finite physical reality of the body. QEB holds the keys to understanding subtle healing practices including homeopathy, energetic medicine, organ and tissue regeneration, healing by intention and manual therapies.

Educational Services and Event Production

Stuart is available to speak at conferences and seminars on a full range of topics in advanced biophysics, quantum consciousness, energetic medicine, DIAD Microscopy and advanced manual and nutritional therapies. His presentations are always well attended, generating broad interest among both professional and lay audiences. Stuart's presentations are dynamic, informative, highly graphic and bring the most complex concepts down to earth with humor, style and, above all, integrity.

  • EcoBiotics: An ecological model of health and wellness
  • DIAD Microscopy: Advanced darkfield techniques for biological medicine
  • Quantum EcoBiotics: A rigorous biophysical model of consciousness
  • Energy Medicine: Biophysical foundations of enegetic healing from ancient times to the present
  • The Art of Conscious Touch: Healing the living body through skilled touch

These original images are taken from various EcoBiotic seminars and illustrate the exceptional quality of the literally thousands of original pages of educational materials in available presentations.

Sample seminar slide Graph of Ambimorphic Evolutionary Pattern

Selected Publications and Presentations

The Four-Way Stop Dilemma:
A Hypothesis of Immune System Entanglement in Chronic Illness

Explore Magazine for Professionals, Volume 15, Number 4

QEB: A Biophysical Model of Healing
Globe Institute Sound Healing Conference
San Francisco, Calfornia

Counting Backwards from Infinity: The Physics of the Impossible
INPA Annual Conference
Sunshine Ranch and Conference Center - Loveland, Colorado

An Effective Firewall Against Influenza Infection
Explore Magazine for Professionals, Volume 15, Number 2

The Biophysical Foundations of Energetic Medicine
A Continuing Education Series:
Scottsdale, AZ, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Portland, OR, Baltimore, MD

Four (and a half) Blind Men and an Elephant:
Rethinking the Roots of Chronic Illness

Marin General Hospital Greenbrae, California

Quantum EcoBiotics: Beyond the Quantum Mantra
Quantum Energetics Annual Conference
Glen Ivy Retreat - Corona, California

Quantum EcoBiotics
Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine

EcoBiotics and DIAD Analysis in Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine

The Visualization of Bioenergetic Fields
BioResource Conference

The Physical Foundations of Bioenergetic Medicine
Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine

The Entangled Web
Quantum "Deep Ecology" and a Radically New View of Life

Designs for Health Teleconference

Differential Isopathic Assessment:
Microscopic Analysis of the Internal Human Ecosystem

Institute for Biological, Energetic and Alternative Medicine
June 2006

Matter, Energy and Information:
A New Perspective on Biological and Energetic Medicine

Designs for Health Teleconference

Phycocyain: A Natural Defense Against Viral Infection
Marin California Health Council


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