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When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The “hammer” of Western biology and medicine is the relentless, unconscious insistence on perceiving the living body as a machine. We treat the heart as a pump, the lungs as a bellows, the brain as a computer. And so it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten very good at working with the body’s most mechanical aspects: setting broken bones, killing infectious germs, poisoning diseased cells and even replacing defective organs.

I Seem to be an Ecosystem
But the body is not a machine and human beings are, above all, a vivid expression of nature’s extraordinary, chaotic creativity. EcoBiotics is a new discipline that combines essential insights from ecological, biological and cybernetic science into a coherent paradigm that describes life, consciousness and health in a new and unexpected way. EcoBiotic science recognizes that in addition to being a part of a larger, planetary ecology, every living thing is, in effect, its own, fully integrated ecosystem.

DIAD Microscopy™ - Microbial EcoBiotics
For the past 20 years or so I’ve studied the nature and expression of the body's “interior ecology,” focusing on the co-evolutionary development of microbes (bacteria, viruses, molds, prions, protoctists, biofilms and unnamed hybrids with compound genetic structures) and human/mammalian physiology. This work, which I named EcoBiotics, gave rise to DIAD Microscopy™, a research technique for exploring, in detail,  the remnants of critical evolutionary relationships within the body going back at least 1.6 billion years to the time of the great "Oxygen Catastrophe." When these relationships are revealed, it’s possible to uncover the hidden roots of many patterns of chronic distress and craft precise natural strategies for supporting health.

Quantum EcoBiotics™ - The Biophysics of Consciousness
A number of years ago I realized how the biological insights of EcoBiotics apply equally at the sub-atomic level, giving rise to information systems forged by the coherent superposition and entanglement of quantum scale entities. While it’s become popular to hang the word “quantum” on everything from action movies to massage oils (if nothing else, to impart a sense of magic and mystery) the bizarre, counter-intuitive principles of quantum physics actually show how an essentially infinite scope of consciousness can be shoehorned into a human-sized container. In fact, in a perfect system you can create an information structure with as many unique states as there are sub-atomic particles in the entire observable cosmos using only about 1/7th the mass of a single hydrogen atom. I'm convinced nature is smart enough to do this and that all living things and conscious systems are based on this remarkable property.

From these insights and others, Quantum EcoBiotics (or QEB for short) was born. The brief description given on this website is a small hint of what is shared at the QEB seminars.


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