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EcoBiotics is a powerful new view of life in which biology, natural health and consciousness find a common language, deeply rooted in biophysical science.

EcoBiotics elucidates common themes in popular culture including energy medicine, quantum consciousness and the holographic universe not as abstract "gee whiz" concepts but as the fundamental building blocks of our everyday reality with profound consequences for how we grow, live, and heal. My lifelong quest has been to validate philosophical speculation with rigorous scientific discovery by "talking with Nature." Science was originally called Natural Philosophy, a term that remains a powerful reminder of the connection between the universe and human reality.

About EcoBiotics presents the fascinating notion that each living thing is literally an ecological system in which biological, energetic and organic computational activities create an astonishing dance from which all aspects of life and consciousness arise.

Microbial EcoBiotics presents the principles of EcoBiotics as I originally explored them, in terms of complex, cooperative relationships between microscopic life forms and our own human physiology. Understanding these relationships is not only fascinating, I've found it sometimes often important clues to find new ways of understanding and addressing chronic illness.

Quantum EcoBiotics is a surprising new twist in my biological research. In May of 2006, I realized that the bio-ecological paradigm so helpful in understanding the physical body actually extends to the subatomic domain of quantum interactions. Following this amazing insight led me to develop a compelling biophysical model that effectively explains how human consciousness actually works.

DIAD Microscopy is a powerful research technique in which small amounts of live blood are mixed with specialized bioactive substances that act like photographic developers, revealing otherwise hidden ecological patterns in the body. By decoding these relationships, we can often discover the roots of chronic illness and find natural methods for stimulating the body's innate healing wisdom.

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